The realization of the performance “Fairytale of the New Earthis not just another children’s show - it is one of the small steps towards the attainment of a very high order - creation of the school of the new age - today we would call it School form Children for Children“. We would like to thank to all who were part of the realization of this great goal! The children who have participated in the project are fully aware of how this school should look and what it has taught them. They were his builders. We would like to thank their parents for their support – their faith in them and in us as their teachers was the most valuable.

Our work over the past year was focused on provoking children to dream, to see the artist in themselves, to understand that the most important is to be able to believe not only in yourself, but also to the one that stands next to you, that every one of us is capable to pass a helping hand and that if we all work in partnership and cooperation we are capable of turning life into an amazing adventure. We believe that children are no longer interested in the outdated rules and value systems. The children of today are ready to face the world with curiosity and understanding – they are ready to build this new world.

We, the teams of the Foundation and Unity Academy will continue to work in order to achieve this high goal - a complete change of the paradigm, the integration of the knowledge and the abilities of the individual to the development of large groups of people. Unlocking the full potential for communication, creative and innovative thinking through new ways of training and share of experience. The most important aspect of the development is the realization of the conscious creator – the children to take participation in the life with interest to everything that surrounds them.

Thank you for the opportunity to work with these wonderful children - for us it was an honor and pleasure!

Thanks to all who supported us - The National Palace of Culture; New Bulgarian University and the University Student Council - which is our partner already for the second consecutive year; we express our gratitude to Zdravko Ionchev and The ArtFotoFond for the wonderful pictures.

With great appreciation, we would like to address our media partners: the main media partner - bTV, the media:,, CSR Bulgaria, Grazia, Youth Association of the United Nations Association in Bulgaria.

Here is the moment when we would like to extend our gratitude to Schneider Electric (Bulgaria), which were not just a sponsors to the program Talent loves every child” in the last year but became a true partners for the project. As a token of our appreciation, during the opening ceremony of the show, we have donated to Schneider Electric the painting “Tree of Life” as for one whole year, they were precisely this stable foundation on which 26 children were building their future.

Just a few days before the show with us arrived the biggest confirmation that the goal we seek is not only feasible, but every day is gaining greater support. The good news came to us through our television partners bTV - Darina Pavlova, decided to make a donation for the development of children’s talent. She chose to support the scholarship program Talent loves every child” of the “Foundation“. On the day of the show the children prepared a special surprise for her - a picture full of light - “Continuity of Life” because with her support she brought namely continuity to the development of the talents of children.