The “Foundation” gave 25 scholarships for the project “Talent loves every child” in support of children’s talent

Scholarships include year-round English language training, theater or art for children between six and fourteen

For the second consecutive year, the application process for the Scholarship Program of “The Foundation” project “Talent loves every child” was successfully completed. For the 2015/2016 academic year “The Foundation” gave 25 scholarships to support children’s talent.

The scholarships are aimed at three main areas of study – English, theater and art and are for children between six and fourteen years of age.

“The 25 children, who won scholarships in the “Talent loves each child” project, not only deeply excited us with their pictures, essays and poems but showed a genuine desire for development, courage and inspiration. We wish them these qualities to keep on accompanying them throughout their lives. We believe that their training in the next school year will develop many of their skills and potentials, which currently most of these children do not even suspect they have – we provide them with a great platform on which they can develop them. “,said Vanya Iribadzhakova, founder of “The Foundation”.

Besides preparing and submitting their portfolios, drawings and essays, the candidates went through two major trials – Torrance Test of Creative Thinking and “The Marshmallow challenge”.

Torrance Test of Creative Thinking is the most common and reliable, internationally recognized test to measure creativity, because it reflects on life experiences of those who take the test. The basic requirement for the children is to draw and give titles to their drawings, ask questions, describe the causes, consequences or different applications of objects (or words). During the test, the children had to do three activities, based on drawings, in order to be evaluated according to five specific categories:

  • Ease of expression;
  • Ability to develop a theme and follow instructions;
  • Originality of ideas;
  • Ability to make full use of their time;
  • Abstract thinking.

At first glance “The Marshmallow challenge” is a very fun game, but it teaches the participants a very important lesson in cooperation and mutual assistance, showing their creativity and ability to innovate.

The benefactors of the project “Talent loves every child” in 2015 are: bTV and Darina Pavlova, who provided funding for the new school year. Also,, Darik radio, CSR Bulgaria,, United Nations Association in Bulgaria, Grazia Magazine and Art Foto Fonda became supporters of the project.

The main partner of the program is Unity Academy, an organization for informal training, Sofia.

The full list of the children who received scholarships for the 2015/2016 school year, according to their desired specialty:

  1. Ivan Stoychev – 10 years – English
  2. Miroslava Stoyanova – 10 years – English
  3. Radoslava Slavcheva – 10 years – English
  4. Yana Beneva – 14 years – English
  5. Anastasia Stoitzeva – 9 years – Theater
  6. Boyko Stoichev – 10 years – Theater
  7. Daliya Stoitzeva – 6 years – Theater
  8. Yoanna Kotcheva – 12 years – Theater
  9. Teodora Nikolova – 10 years – Theater
  10. Stela Savova – 6 years – Theater
  11. Alexander-Max Nathan – 7 years – Theater
  12. Ema Georgieva – 8 years – Theater
  13. Simeon Terziyski – 6 years – Theater
  14. Nikolay Teofanov – 10 years – Theater
  15. Bogoslava Petrova – 13 years – Theater and Arts
  16. Galena Totina – 7 years – Arts
  17. Elena Vyrbanova – 11 years – Arts
  18. Silvana Stoyanova – 10 years – Arts
  19. Radina Gitzova – 11 years – Arts
  20. Iveta Raykova – 7 years – Arts
  21. Maria-Desislava Krystevich – 10 years – Arts
  22. Stefania Spasova – 8 years – Arts
  23. Simona Stoyanova – 6 years – Arts
  24. Beloslava Nedelcheva – 8 years – Arts
  25. Metodi Blagoev – 6 years – Arts