• Children teaching children through the latest methods in education;

  • Through the study of theater and art children learn skills such as free communication with their peers, group creativity, responsibility, initiative, imagination;
  • The Foundation grants year-round trainings in English language, Drama or Art for talented children for the new school year.

The festival “Talent loves every child” is a part of the joint project with the same name of the “Foundation” and Unity Academy. The festival is the culmination of a year-round project where children from across the country were given free access to workshops, which implemented the new teaching method “Children teaching children”. Workshops were led mainly by the children educated in the summer arts camps which Unity Academy held in the town of Dobrinishte, just before the Festival.

For eight days, 19 children were preparing for the realization of the Festival “Talent loves every child” in Dobrinishte. Their training was based on a joint project developed with their active participation. The theme of this year’s project was “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye” based on texts from “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Each day the children developed a part of the theme – discussed the conflict between adults and children, which is more difficult – to judge myself or to judge others; why we never like where we are and what we strive for; what is the friendship and what does it mean to tame. Discussions culminated in drawing lessons, origami, exercises in improvisational theater, and they gradually came to Exupéry’s life characters – the plane, the boa constrictor swallowed an elephant, The Little Prince, the king, the drunken man, the lamplighter and the geographer. Children learned to build the rose in movement, to give it a character with their voices. During the play, gradually appeared a baobab, fox and corn on the stage. The décor of the show was also a creation of those children’s hands and imagination.

For eight days, the children not only learned the meaning of the words sympathy and empathy, but they managed to implement them in action. They became fearless actors, set designers, artists, teachers, responsible organizers of a major event, but mostly a united team and by that they discovered the true sense of the word friendship. Enthusiasm is easily transmitted between small children and these little teachers gladly taught their new skills in theater and art, to their peers, who joined them in the festival day.

“The goal that we seek to achieve using this project principle is learning by experience and integration of qualities such as: commitment to good motivation, dedication, courage, ambition, being active, respect, adaptability, cooperation, creativity, curiosity, confidence, responsibility. This new approach helps children to develop their abilities for creative work, through constant communication and group creativity. That is a real creative flow in which ideas and solutions are born from the common work of the group, rather than its individual members.”, said Vanya Iribadzhakova, founder of the Foundation.

The “Talent loves every child” Project continues during the new school year as well. The Foundation granted 21 new scholarships for year-round training of children motivated to develop their talents. The scholarships are aimed at three main areas of study – English, theater and art and are for children between first and seventh grade. Conditions and application forms can be downloaded from the website of the Foundation – www.thefoundation.bg. The deadline for submissions is September 15, 2015.

More interesting information and very entertaining videos from the preparation process and the festival “Talent loves every child” can be found at: