The Principles of the Active Benefactor Application

The Foundation’s activities are based on the principles of open partnership, communication and respect. Therefore, in all our projects we apply “The Principles of the Active BENEFACTOR”. In our projects related to the education of children it is expressed through the following activities:

  • acquaintance of the children and their benefactors before the start of the training period;
  • maintaining regular contacts between the Foundation and the benefactors, submitting information at the end of the first and second term, which shows not only the development of the child in his/her chosen discipline but also his/her attitude to the learning process;
  • feedback from the benefactors to the children, on one hand to promote their success, and on the other, as an expression of care and respect towards the learning process they undergo;
  • at the end of the school year, children present their skills at a special performance. In addition, The Foundation prepares analysis of each child’s achievements, makes recommendations as to their future development and creative training and discusses it with the benefactor and the children.

The Foundation’s projects can be supported by both private individuals and corporate organizations. Donations are in the form of a contract, which describes the exact purpose of the act of donation.

If you recognize the values of the Foundation as priorities and corporate social responsibility of your company, we offer the opportunity to organize joint group events and team buildings, to support the Foundation’s projects. This approach is based on the principles of group creativity, communication and integration of the employees of the company in teamwork, to achieve a higher human purpose.