My participation in the project” Talent loves every child is a unique opportunity for me, a step that helps me to progress and to move on to what I want to be. Everything we are doing at the Foundation” enables us to work together as a team. Everyone gives their proposals and participate at the realization of the project with the assistance of the teachers, which became for me friends with whom I can freely discuss, reflect and enrich my ideas. Actually, you are our mirror. I would like to thank to the whole team. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to become part of your family and develop my talent. You have allowed me to dream and to see more clearly my future. I am grateful.

These are the words of the 12 year old Joanna, one of the participants in the project “Talent loves every child.” In the past year the “Foundation” thanks to the support of Schneider Electric (Bulgaria), the Foundation granted 26 scholarships for the development of children’s talent. On May 30, in Hall 11 of the National palace of Culture, the children will present what they have learned in the form of theater play “Fairytale Of The New Earth.” The play is unique, developed during the school year by the children and their teachers.

What makes this performance different? The main objectives of the training program Talent loves every child” are capacity building for group work and integrate qualities such as good will, motivation, dedication, courage, activity, respect, adaptability, cooperation, creativity, curiosity, confidence, responsibility. The main method is by developing a common project, which is implemented in theater play. In the past year, the training project Talent loves every child” was dedicated to the Solar system. Along with the study of the history of theater, exercises and group synchronization activity, the concepts related to movement on stage relationship in space, senses games and improvisational theater, the children were provoked not just to study out the solar system but to create out of it their own unique world.

The planets acquired qualities, colors and their own characters, each one of them began to keep a piece of the cosmic wisdom. Any character who was joining the play wore one part of the big puzzle, until the history has achieved wholeness. Children went through writing essays, making drawings, gaining new knowledge about colors, worked with expression of abstract concepts through movement and connection of flavors and qualities. New and unknown worlds were invented, and with them came Maya and Andrea, Blue Puk, Mr. Violet, Ice Queen. By working on the project, the group created archetypal characters and again related qualities, what behavior they express and how to connect them to a common group. It is how the Colorful flock was born.

Some of the children in the project “Talent loves every child” continue their training during the summer holidays at a summer camp.  They will work on the realization of the Festival “Talent Loves Every Child” at the town of Dobrinishte on August 8, 2015.